Hello and welcome to Cottage Industry.
Cottage Industry is a little shop at 67 Gertrude St Fitzroy.
We design and make a great deal of what we sell, recycling fabrics and using traditional craft techniques to make products to wear and use around the home. Most of our stock is made in small quantities and our use of vintage fabrics means many production pieces are still unique.
What we don't make ourselves is sourced from around Australia and the Rest of the World. We hunt out things that speak to us as being both interesting and useful. Mainly the shop sells things we would like to own ourselves.

Most of our blogging energy happens over at Miss Pen Pen where daily ramblings, rants and musings occur. As new work is created in the studio it will appear there and if you have any queries you are welcome to email at pene@alphalink.com.au or call the shop on 03 9419 2430.

We are open 11am- 6pm Monday to Friday and 11am- 5pm Saturday. Normally we are closed on Sundays to rest and recuperate.

Labels we stock include our house brands Cottage Industry and Penelope Durston.
Other labels include....
Cambridge Satchel Co
Trunk and Orderly
Douglas Sandals
Las Ninas
Lost in the Woods
Heico lights
Lisa B socks
CWA Cookbooks (and other books we like)

Thanks you for visiting and please pop over to Miss Pen Pen, our facebook page and Instagram (@penedurston) for all the latest news and pictures.